Variant Stream
All event organizers are ordered to limit all public gatherings larger than 50 people

AGM cancelled for April 1, 2020

As older adults, our retiree group is at a higher risk of getting very sick from the Coronavirus.
To protect the health of our members and as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the
disease, the executive has decided to postpone the AGM. Our AGM is very important this year because
we are looking to replace some key positions. Without the full support of our members attending the
meeting and being ready to step forward for election, we would find ourselves in a very compromised

For these reasons the executive has decided to postpone the AGM.

For those who have registered and paid for the event, Carol S will return your payment
as soon as she possibly can.

COVID-19 Scams

In order to protect yourselves from COVID-19 scammers please be sure to only seek information
and channel inquiries regarding testing to BC Centre for Disease Control-COVID-19

National Post March 16, 2020: Health Officials & Police Warn of Scams Exploiting COVID-19 Fears

Retiree Extended Health Update

WorkSafeBC announced in October 2019 changes to the retiree extended health plan effective
January 1, 2020. In particular, mandatory generic-equivalent drug substitution was added.
This means should you fill your prescription drug with a generic version, the cost of the generic
is fully paid. However, should you choose a brand name drug instead of the generic, the benefit
plan would only pay for the lowest cost generic available and you would pay the difference
between the brand and generic, unless you have Pacific Blue Cross approval to reimburse for the
brand name drug.

In early January, a retiree brought to WorkSafeBC’s attention that they were charged more than
what they’d previously paid for their renewal drugs. The finding of an investigation with Pacific
Blue Cross is that a coding error was made. The error was corrected on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

This would only impact those who filled a prescription drug between January 1 and 25, 2020. You
may submit a paper claim to Pacific Blue Cross, along with your original receipts and a note asking
for re-adjudication. The amount eligible for reimbursement due to the coding error is likely
between $0.25 and $5.00. Due to the complexities of electronic drug claims and the risk of
duplicate payments from the coordination of benefits, Pacific Blue Cross is not able to
re-adjudicate without the original receipts.

The deadline to submit your claim into Pacific Blue Cross is December 31, 2021.

If you have questions, please contact Pacific Blue Cross at 604-419-2600 or toll
free at 1-888-275-4672.

Retiree Extended Health Power Point Presentation

The Power Point Presentation from the October 28, 2019 Semi-Annual General Meeting
is now available for viewing at the following link:

Online Version - Retiree Extended Health Update

Pacific Blue Cross - Lunch and Learn Session - YouTube Video

Retirees are invited to attend virtually by clicking on
the following YouTube link and watching the session online:

Topics covered include resources to help save you money on your benefits, tips and tools for
submitting your claims, helpful features in the online Member Profile (formerly CARESnet), what to do
if your Member Profile is suspended as part of a routine claim audit, the  My Good Health assessment, and more!

Pneumonia Immunization and Prevention

Each year, pneumonia is responsible for hundreds of deaths in British Columbia.
Children and those over 65 are hardest hit; those with chronic disease such as asthma
and COPD run a serious risk, but no one is immune.

The good news? The flu vaccine can help prevent pneumonia caused by the flu virus.
And an inoculation with the pneumococcal vaccine offers protection against bacterial
pneumonia that can lead to complications, a hospital stay or even death.

Follow this  link  to find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Patient Pathways | Healthcare Navigators & Patient Advocates

Website link:

Stretching your dollars at the pharmacy

Pacific Blue Cross Preferred Pharmacy Network As a Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) member, you can access PBC’s Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) and get some of the lowest prices on drugs and dispensing fees.

This means you’ll pay less out-of-pocket for your next prescription.
The PPN also provides refill reminders, helps you with Special Authority and high-cost drug coverage,
and offers other member-exclusive discounts on related products and services. Here’s what to do:

Find a PPN location near you:
• Costco
• London Drugs
• Overwaitea/Save-On-Foods (includes PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods, Urban Fare Yaletown)

Show your PBC card at any of the PPN partners. Fill your prescription.

Canoeing and Dragon Boating

Since retiring November 2015, Sara Strachan has become very active in the Fort Langley Canoe Club as both a Dragon Boat team member and a volunteer introducing school and group outings to the sport.

Sarah is now a member of a Womens 60+ dragon boat team which is the sister of the team which recently won medals in the World Dragon Boat Festival. She notes these women are competitive, but those with a minimal level of fitness and sufficient mobility to get in and out of the boat can also enjoy this sport

For more information on the group outings click here:  Fort Langley Canoe Club Group and Corporate Outings .

Sarah is willing to arrange for both womens' and mixed group outings. For those interested in a group outing and/or joining a team please email  for Sara's contact info.