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Community Volunteer Opportunities

Help Children Develop Literacy Skills

Request for volunteer tutors from the ONE TO ONE Literacy Society for the 2019-2020 school year.

This past school year, ONE TO ONE’s extraordinary team of 380 volunteer tutors dedicated
their time, enthusiasm, and joy of reading with children in their communities. They generously
offered young students the opportunity to not only practice reading, but also to develop a
connection with a caring and patient adult.

In September 2019, they will continue the ONE TO ONE program in more than 120 elementary schools
across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and we would love to introduce even more volunteers to
this rewarding experience.

Share the joy of reading in your community by becoming a ONE TO ONE volunteer tutor.

The ONE TO ONE Literacy Society are asking if any WCB Retirees would be willing to volunteer.

ONE TO ONE matches emerging readers with volunteer tutors across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support to read with children for two to three hours
once a week during school hours. You will develop a connection with the students that will help them
bloom into successful readers.

It’s easy to get started on your volunteer journey – fill out an application form online, complete a
free criminal record check and then have a chat with ONE TO ONE on the phone to make sure you’re a good
fit. Initial training sessions for new volunteers will be held in September and October 2019.

Find out more and apply now at   Website:

Liz Van Den Hanenberg,
Volunteer Coordinator,
ONE TO ONE Literacy Society,
#500 - 610 Main Street,
Vancouver BC V6A 2V3
Tel: 604-255-5559

Helping Hands Volunteer Opportunity

The WorksafeBC (WSBC) charity group Helping Hands has discovered that one of the elementary schools in Richmond – Mitchell Elementary – is in an area in Richmond populated with many new Canadians/Immigrant families who are struggling on a few different fronts. Moira MacNicol, Helping Hands executive, was shocked to learn this Richmond school is like an inner-city school, and has so many challenges.

Currently, the school runs a breakfast program, however, they are only able to run it 3 mornings per week. Due to the nature of the school population, they do not have a strong PAC which is why they can only provide breakfast 3 mornings per week.

Helping Hands has put together a pool of volunteers who have been able to commit a small amount of time to get 1 additional morning per week up and running for the breakfast program. This involves about one hour per week to provide breakfast for the kids. Moira needs to have sufficient volunteers so that each one only has to make breakfast once a month, as well as cover each other off for vacations etc.

WSBC Employees are currently volunteering in the program.  Helping Hands are asking if any WSBC retirees would also be prepared to volunteer at the school.

If you are interested in volunteering an hour of your time, one morning a month, to prepare breakfast for children attending Mitchell Elementary, Cambie & #5 Road, Richmond, B.C. please email  with the following Subject Line: "Helping Hands School Breakfast Volunteers"  to obtain Moira MacNicol's Helping Hands contact email and phone number.

WCB Retireee volunteer support for this venture would be very much appreciated by Helping Hands.